STELA: Storytelling for Teaching English as Second Language (2020-2023) is an Erasmus+ strategic partnerships for school education, which seeks to promote storytelling as a method among language teachers and thus contribute to improving the national and European language learning policies. The project directly supports the strategy by contributing to promote key competences, specifically – by promoting comprehensive approach to language teaching and learning.

Project Start Date: 01.11.2020
Project End Date: 30.04.2023

National Agency of the Applicant Organisation: British Council, in partnership with Ecorys UK – British Council

The STELA project embarked on a visionary mission to revolutionise English language education by synergizing the compelling art of storytelling with cutting-edge digital tools. Its raison d’être was rooted in the pursuit of bolstering language competences, and it assiduously adhered to the Council Recommendation on Key Competences for Lifelong Learning, with a pronounced emphasis on the imperative of elevating language skills, particularly in English. This ambitious endeavour was the result of collaborative efforts from experienced educators and educational management professionals hailing from six countries: the UK, Lithuania, France, Italy, Spain, and Turkey. Together, this diverse team worked tirelessly to cultivate innovative teaching methods that would fundamentally transform English language education.

The STELA project’s profound influence transcended the traditional boundaries of classrooms and digital spaces, profoundly impacting over 120 students and 230 educational professionals. Their engagement fostered enhanced English language skills through an innovative, interactive learning approach. This impact rippled far beyond, disseminating outcomes to a network of 600 education professionals, locally and internationally. The digital tools and methodologies created by the STELA project continue to echo online, forming a comprehensive knowledge repository, reshaping English education. The project’s success lay in the collaboration of a diverse consortium of experts, comprising educators, language professionals, practitioners, and administrators, achieving audacious goals by seamlessly blending storytelling and digital tools. The STELA initiative left an enduring mark on English language learning, fostering cohesion and propelling education in EU partner countries to new horizons.

Over the course of the project, three key outputs took shape, each playing a pivotal role in realising the project’s grand vision.

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