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Multiplier event – Lithuania

On 19th of October 40 foreign language teachers from secondary and vocational education schools gathered to participate in the “Erasmus+” strategic partnerships for school education project “STELA: STORYTELLING FOR TEACHING ENGLISH AS A SECOND LANGUAGE” multiplier event. The day’s agenda was packed with informative sessions that aimed to empower educators with innovative teaching methods. Participants were introduced to the STELA project and its pedagogical framework. The event also explored “Stela“ scenarios and the realm of digital storytelling, highlighting its advantages and possible classroom implementation tools. The session on creating digital stories emphasized its alignment with the skills, tools, and practices that resonate with today’s learners. This event marked a significant step in enhancing language education through the art of storytelling, equipping teachers with powerful tools to engage and educate their students effectively.––––

The feedback of the event from the teachers, completed by 30 participants.

The survey aimed to collect feedback from the participants of the multiplier event. The results show that most participants were satisfied with the multiplier event. 96.7 % of the respondents find the workshop content clear and logical rating it from 4 to 5. The results also reveal some areas for improvement, such as providing more exercises, examples, and quizzes. 

78.7% of the respondents participated in the Storytelling workshop for the first time. And all the respondents see the possibility of including Storytelling in the curriculum, just 16.7% see this as an extracurricular activity. 93.3% of the teachers think that speaking, 83.3% that creativity, 70% that writing, 60% that reading, and 56.7% that motivation could be improved by Storytelling lessons. All the participants agree that digital tools can help in teaching, rating from 3 (10%) to 5 (63.3%) and 26.7% rating 4. 

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