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Multiplier event – Italy

Multiplier event- feedback report- ITALY

Dates: 23rd 29th June, 2023

Number of participants: 53 

For over 85%of the participants the Stela event was the first Storytelling event, despite that all of them found it clear,logical and easy to follow.

The best part of both groups found it helpful to develop skills such as speaking, listening and soft skills as well, less reading and writing.

Surprisingly, almost all the participants thought this methodology can be included in the curriculum and the use of digital tools can help and integrate the development of the lessons.

Participating teachers suggested using more images and videos in the lessons, offering more training to the teachers, using  this methodology integrated with other classes, such as drama or music classes.

Only a very small percentage, about 2%, thought this event added very little to their wealth of knowledge and experience. 

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